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Blur image tool

Apply the blur effect to an image online. Simple online tool for creating a blur effect in pictures in a few simple steps. Drop a picture into the tool, adjust the blur value using the slider, and then click the blur image button to process the image. Image formats supported by the tool include jpg, png, webp, ico, bmp, and gif.

What is Blur effect?

The blur effect is also known as picture smoothing in image processing. The blurring method produces a smooth blur that resembles seeing a picture through a transparent screen. more info.

Quick Preview

When the filtering process is finished, you may examine the blurred image. The blur effect is applied by our tool based on the blur percentage chosen in the slider. Blur image processing is performed in the client browser using jquery and compatible plugins, resulting in a rapid and safe procedure.

Free to use

The tool is entirely free to use. It is a complete version with no hidden fees, no registration necessary, no demo versions, and no other restrictions. You may use the blur effect on an unlimited number of pictures.

Highly secured

As previously stated, blur image processing occurs in the user's browser using jquery and compatible plugins. As a result, the photos are not uploaded to our server or anyplace else. Using this program is thus quite secure.

No limit

Unlike other tools, ours does not have a restriction on the number of photos that may be blurred. You may apply the blur effect to an unlimited number of photos and we will keep the same degree of accuracy at all times.