Online Photo Censor

Censor image online

Censor image online tool, which allows you to cover unwanted or secure parts of a picture. There is no need to upload anything; simply pick your image in the tool, then drag and fix the censor box to the undesirable area of the image, then set your favorite color to fill the censor box to hide it. Finally, preview and download the censored image (Both png and JPG supported).

How this tool working?

When a picture is loaded into the tool, the censor image tool will drop a rectangle form censor box. The censor box is filled with black by default to hide the picture, however the user may alter the censor box color using the color picker included in the tool.

Is it free tool?

Censor image tool is entirely free to use and is a full version with no hidden fees, no signup required, no demo versions, and no other limits. You have complete freedom to filter any number of photos.

Are my images secured?

Yes, we deploy client-side scripting, and the entire procedure takes place in the user's browser. Because your photos are not posted to a server or anywhere else, only you have access to them.

Any skills required?

This tool does not require any additional abilities to censor images. To process, you must first choose the censor part in the image, then the censor type, and finally the censor button.

Is there is any restrictions?

There are no limitations to using this program; you can censor as many photos as you like. With this tool, there is no need for a login or a register, and there are no additional restrictions.