Online Pixelate Image

Preview - pixelated image

Pixelate image online

The pixelate image tool will enlarge the pixels in a picture based on the preferred pixel length. Drop an image into the tool, then choose the pixel block size and click the pixelate button to make the selected image pixelated. When the photo has been totally pixelated, a preview will be provided along with a download button.

How this tool working?

The pixelated image tool will resize each pixel in the image to the appropriate pixel block length, allowing you to readily discern image pixels. Pixelation occurs when we make each individual pixel in an image larger in size; as a result, a single color in a pixel looks larger and more visible to the eyes, and it is said to be pixelated.

Free to use

Pixelate image tool is absolutely free to use and is a full version with no hidden fees, no login needed, no demo versions, and no other restrictions. You are free to pixelate as many images as you want.

Are my images secured?

We process the image using client-side scripts, so your images are not copied anywhere other than your computer. Because the entire process takes place in a web browser, only you have access to your images.

Any skills required?

This tool does not require any special skills to pixelate an image. Drop an image into the tool, then choose the pixel block size and click the pixelate image button to make the uploaded image pixelated.

Is there is any restrictions?

Simply put, there are no limitations to using this pixelation tool. To pixelate an image, you don't even need to sign up or login. Simply upload your image, adjust the pixel block size, and then click the pixelate button to finish.