Online Image Compressor - Compress JPG, PNG Online

Advanced Image Compressor

Advanced online tool for compressing jpg and png images; simply pick your picture in the tool, enter a compression level, and click the compress button to decrease the size of the image. Once the compression process is complete, a preview of the compressed picture is enabled, allowing you to quickly compare the original and compressed image in the tool before downloading it. This program can also compress PNG pictures with transparent backgrounds.

How does this tool work?

The tool is intended to compress jpg, jpeg, and png image formats online. Once a picture is selected, the compressor will fetch each pixel on the image and stretch it out based on the compression level. This tool supports alpha transparent background png pictures, and the transparency is remained even after compression.

Compress JPEG

Compression of jpg and jpeg pictures is completed by stretching out the image pixels according to the desired amount of compression. The tool includes a compression slider with a range of 0 to 100 (0 - least compression, 100 maximum compression). Users are required to choose the compression level based on their needs.

Easy to use

You don't need any special skills to compress photos using our tool; simply choose your image, preview it, set the compression level on the slider, and click the "compress" button, then preview and download your compressed image.

It is completely free to use

Our tool is entirely free to use. It is the complete version, with no hidden fees, no registration required, no demo versions, and no other restrictions. There are no limitations on the amount of pictures that can be compressed.

Highly Secured

Images used in this tool are not uploaded to the server. The whole compression procedure takes place in the user's browser. As a result, your images are not stored anywhere other than your computer, and no one else can access images except you.

There is no limitation

Our tool has no limit on number of images you can use to compress. You not even need to signup to use this feature. No restrictions and nothing, we maintain same level of accuracy in all the time.

Download Feature

When the picture compression process is finished, the tool's download button is activated, allowing you to download the compressed image. To save the image to your computer, simply click on the download button.