Online Merge Images & Resize

Merge images online

With this tool, you may merge photos online.Allows for both horizontal and vertical merging. Simply put photos into the tool one at a time, pick horizontal or vertical merge, and specify the resize option if necessary, before clicking the merge images button to proceed. When the merging procedure is finished, you may view the combined image in the preview section, which also includes a download button.

How this tool working?

The Merge image tool combines photos one by one according to the direction specified. If the resize option is chosen, the tool will locate the picture with the smallest/largest dimensions and resize the remaining image dimensions in the same manner. Once all pictures have been resized, the program will begin merging them one by one based on the direction. When the merging procedure is finished, a preview of the combined picture will be presented.

Is it free tool?

The Merge image tool is totally free to use and is a full version with no hidden fees, no signup required, no demo versions, and no other restrictions. There are no limitations on the amount of pictures that can be merged.

Is my images are secured?

Yes, your photos are very safe since we do not upload them to a server or anyplace else. Because the entire procedure takes place in a web browser, only you have access to your photos.

Any Specialized skills needed?

This tool requires no special skills to combine pictures. Simply drag and drop photos into the tool, pick the merge direction and resize option, and then click the merge button. When the merging procedure is finished, the download button is activated, allowing you to download the combined picture.

How to download merged image?

It is straightforward to download combined images; after the merging procedure is finished, a preview of the merged picture is presented along with a download option. Both jpg and png file formats are available; simply click the download button to save the combined image.