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Resize Image

Resize picture is an online tool that allows you to quickly change the dimensions of an image by defining its width and height. This program also allows you to keep the image's aspect ratio. Because the image resizing process is carried out in the client browser, the tool is faster, more secure, and easier to use.

Supported Image Formats

Image resizing tools to facilitate all of the most common image formats, including (.jpg, .png, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp etc..). To resize a picture, you may submit any type of picture, irrespective of size. Simply drag or upload your image to the image container to resize it.

Free To Use

The resize picture tool includes all capabilities at no fee. It is a complete version with no hidden fees, demo versions, or other restrictions. It is absolutely free to use an unlimited number of times.

Secured Process

We resize your photos in the client browser and do not upload them to our server. In terms of data security, you may put your trust in the tool. None of your photos are stored, and no one else has access to them but you.

Simple Resizing

Image resizing with our tool is easy and straightforward, requiring no special skills. Enter the image dimensions (width and height) in pixels and press the'resize' button.

Download Resized Image

When the resize procedure is finished, a preview of the resized image appears in the tool, along with a download option. To save the image, simply click the download option.


We ensure that the width and height of the image are calculated correctly. Your image should be appropriately scaled based on the supplied variables, which you may confirm after downloading the image.

No Limit

There is no limit to the amount of photos you may resize using our software. You can resize as many photos as you like, and we will always maintain the same degree of accuracy. To utilize this function, you do not even need to sign up.