Watermark Photos Online For Free

Watermark image

Simple online tool for adding a watermark to your pictures without having to submit them. Drag and drop your image into the tool, then add watermark text in the text field, choose desired font style and color, and place the watermark text in the preview image. This tool also allows you to add a watermark logo and control the transparency of the watermark text or logo (if needed).

How this tool working?

The canvas element is used to add text and a logo to the watermark image tool. There is no need to upload images to servers; simply choose your image in the tool, add a watermark text or logo, modify font style, color, and opacity, and preview the image in the tool. If your watermark appears as intended, click the download button to save your watermarked picture.

Is it free tool?

Watermark image tool is entirely free to use and is a full version with no hidden fees, no signup required, no demo versions, and no other limits. You can watermark an unlimited number of pictures.

Are my images secured?

Yes, because we use Client side scripting and the canvas element, your photos are entirely protected. Because all processes are executed out in the user's browser, no one else can view your image but you.

Any skills required?

This tool does not require any special skills to watermark an image. You must choose a picture in the tool, add a watermark text or logo, change the font settings and color, then add some opacity, and finally click the download button.

Is there is any restrictions?

There are no limitations to using this tool; you may watermark as many photos as you like. With this tool, there is no need for a login or a register, and there are no additional restrictions.